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School Year 

Our school year consists of 3 sessions:
1st session : Sept – Dec
2nd session : Jan – March 
3rd session : Apr – May 


Once you have registered you will be assigned a time and day that will be consistent throughout the year.


The lesson time and day will be reserved for you once a completed registration form has been received by the office at the Three Hills Arts Academy.  Payment MUST be received, either a full amount or post-dated checks, before any lessons will commence. Please see fee schedule below.  There is a once per year non-refundable registration fee of $25 per student, $10 for each additional child in family.  It is requested that returning students notify the office of their intent before June 15.  Registration forms still need to be signed and payment received before lessons commence.


The lesson fees per 1/2 hour lesson, are as follows:

Guitar, Violin: $25 per lesson

Registration Fee $25 per year

Amounts will differ if your teacher has you scheduled for a lesson longer than 1/2 hour.

Please see me in the office for exact amounts.

 Missed/Cancelled Lessons:

Payment is for all scheduled lessons, regardless of attendance. Each student is allowed one make-up lesson per semester for sudden extreme weather or for illness with 24 hours notice.  Lessons will not be made up for any other reason.

If a teacher misses a lesson he/she MUST make that lesson up for the student.

If you are planning a vacation during scheduled lesson times please let the office and teacher know at time of registration even if you do not have exact dates. We will deduct those lessons from the tuition fees. If you do not let us know the lesson(s) missed will be considered an unexcused absence.

If you plan to finish lessons earlier than June please let the office and the teacher know as well.  Those lessons will be deducted from the tuition.


We trust this will not be necessary but if a student needs to discontinue lessons part way through the season a written notice must be received by the office and the teacher 1 month in advance of the last lesson.  The remainder of your post-dated checks will be returned to you. If we are not notified then one month’s fees will remain with the Three Hills Arts Academy